Account Manager

What is an account manager?

A Dice account manager is like your personal catering assistant. Your account manager will be accessible through phone, text, or email to assist you with your upcoming order(s).

How is ordering through an account manager different from ordering a menu on the website?

Working with an account manager provides a personalized experience when planning for a special event, like a birthday party, or recurring office lunches.

You receive menus specifically curated based on your needs, that may not be available for purchase on our store.

Do I need an account manager?

An account manager can give you access to a larger selection of menus based on your needs but is only recommended for events that require planning or recurring orders, such as weekly office lunches.

If you are looking to set up a meal for a short notice gathering, ordering one of our readily available menus is recommended.

How do I get an account manager?

Contact us to see how we can best assist your catering needs.

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