Meals For Front Line Workers- How you can help


1. Where are these meals going?

All meals purchased are given to the front line workers at hospitals in the Greater Boston area. You get notified which hospital your meal gifts are going to beforehand. Hospitals are chosen based on size and need.

2. Where are these meals coming from?

The boxed meals are provided by local restaurants that have also been struggling during these difficult times. So you are supporting local restaurants and heroes on the front line!

3. When are the meals delivered?

Gifted meals are bundled up and delivered on a weekly or monthly basis. You will get notified of the exact date as we coordinate with our point of contacts and human resources at hospitals.

4. Will the hospital workers know I bought meals for them?

Only if you want. Along with the meals, we will provide the hospital staff with a thank you note that will include your name. A short note can also be added if you would like to add a few words with your gift. You can check the box on the form to make your name anonymous. 

5. How will I know they have received the meals?

We update you on the time and date of the delivery once we finalize the details. 

6. When and how do I pay for these meals?

An invoice for your gifted number of meals is provided shortly after we receive your request. All major credit cards are accepted and a link is sent to you to process your payment and confirm your order.